a scream shocks the dead black night
and breaks right through into your heart
eating down into abandoned vaults
before you know it, down into the gaping tomb

of yellowed pains, into hatred’s
stony sarcophagus.
its pointless to bolt, so stop it
cause there’s no escape from doomsday

the shrill screaming echoes
stay with you until dawn
they strip your soul and bring you down,
exposing what was buried.

somebody else’s pain vibrates in you now
and your rotten crutches crack
he screams your scream, quite artfully
heaving your’s from you – your first!

the stranger’s scream is joint now by another
they cut through the night like one
the mirrored anguish keeps multiplying
until all grief has turned into sound.

your throats just fail and you find yourself
hunched and contorted and shattered
yet the vaults are filled with music now,
gossamer chants you never heard before

the catacombs tremor in gentle silence
and the fainted soul has rest
after all this apocalyptic roaring
you’re finally at home inside yourself

© Anna Kühne