The day was bright, the wind was low
And joy was in the air,
As suddenly a mighty blow
Of longing hit me there.

I tried to find you, had no rest,
Was cruising through the town.
A hammering ache was in my chest,
My mind a gloomy frown.

Where e’r I went, you were not there,
My roaming was in vain.
My soul, the little trembling bird
Was weeping in the rain.

Where are you, love, it sadly cried,
I’m fully in despair,
I wonder, can’t you feel tonight
How much I need you here.

I drowned the longing in sweet wine,
It did not stop the pain.
My pillow drank the tears of mine.
I almost went insane.

The dreams they came and whispered hope
Pretending you were there.
I gladly reached for you, but no,
It was but void of air.

© Anna Kühne