About Dignity

Now, darling, that you’ve left me
My heart lies scattered around,
Torn to pieces and finally
You’ve got me to the ground.
Is it this, what you wanted?
Is it this, you call love?
Is there nothing beyond it
And nothing above?

Well, I tell you, I didn’t die
Though I thought I might as well.
I believe, that you didn’t lie,
But the truth hurts like hell.
Just tell me – did I something wrong?
Did I love you too much?
Where my feelings for you too strong
Or too gentle my touch?

Now you tell me I lost my dignity
And you can’t love me therefore.
Now you see me down on my knees
And you don’t want me anymore.
Yes, loving you has changed me,
My heart opened wide.
And I only wish you could see
How much you hurt me inside.

Love, I wish you would understand
You brought something back to me,
which I lost on my way before – It’s kind of true dignity.
Getting down as down you can get
While you walked over me,
Got me closer, love, to myself
Than you’ll ever be.

Round and round turns the wheel of life,
Love will come and love will go.
There are good times and bad times
And the rivers will flow.
Good things come to those who wait,
I’ll keep patient and calm.
If you don’t loose your trust in fate
Your heart will stay warm.

© Anna Kühne